Personal Statements

For Graduate and Professional Schools, Internships and Summer Programs

Personal statements can be frighteningly free-form. Where even to begin?
Take a deep breath, and consider this:

I know nothing about you yet but I’ll learn enough from the structured brainstorming process we’ll do that I’ll be able to zero right in on:

  • What, specifically, makes you unique and memorable
  • What you’re especially good at
  • How you became interested in this field and what you eventually hope to contribute
  • Why you’re a perfect fit for this program, and vice versa
From there, we’ll tease out:
  • Your best and most revealing story—the one that only you can tell
  • Your best angle into that story
  • How best to hook your reader’s attention starting from your very first sentence
  • Drama and energy
  • The “voice” that feels most captivating and authentic to you
  • A conclusion that feels earned, satisfying, and hard to forget
We can usually accomplish everything via an exchange of e-mails and, when needed, a quick phone or video call.
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