For Teachers, Counselors & College Advisors

writing coach for teachersWhat do you do when a student walks into your office and says:

Please just help me…

  • Review the whole of my life so far and zero in on a handful of insanely amazing essay topics that will for sure get me into the college of my dreams?
  • Figure out where and how to even start?!
  • Understand who I am and what makes me different from everyone else?
  • Reflect on the deeper meaning of my experiences?
  • Find the confidence and staying power to turn unprocessed material into polished pieces both my parents and I will be proud of?
  • Review every line, every word, every punctuation point so I get my essays exactly right?
  • Put EVERYTHING I’ve learned about good writing in school—from all my patient and dedicated teachers, tutors, and mentors—into practice?
  • Learn how to manage my time so I work on my essays methodically, week by week instead of staying up all night before applications are due?
  • Keep my parents and me from yelling at each other—or worse?!

Who has time for all of THAT?!

Well, funny you should ask…